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"Beautiful product, high quality, and the friendliest service!"

Dawn Barker

"These are even more gorgeous in-person. And so light. The perfect, tiny touches of gold really set them apart."

Anne Keith

"Beautiful earrings! Love, Love, Love!"

Beatriz McTiernan

"Big, bold but still light and comfortable to wear. The fun 60s vibe of these gets an updated by the subdued palette. They will be my touch of spring in all my winter-white outfits this year!

Anne Keith

"Great earrings, arrived quickly, beautifully crafted"

Maureen Luddy

"I absolutely love this! It's so pretty and the perfect size to keep track of my stitch markers. Also included in my purchase was an adorable glass stitch marker--what a wonderful surprise!"


Meet the Maker

My Dream

When I was little and able to explore my small world, I played in the mud and made mud pies. At about this time, I was given a plastic magnifying glass. I explored the flora and fauna, and I’d watch the ants for hours.

This is when I became fascinated with insects. I loved darning needles, aka dragon flies, It was magical the way they moved and darted through the air! Butterflies and ladybugs were also a favorite, honestly anything that had six legs or more and flies amazed me and still does today.

I started to collect the wings of insects that I’d find on the ground. I kept the wings in a special jeweled box since I treasured them. They are my library of information and inspiration.

My dream was always to recreate these beautiful tiny creatures, frozen in time as wearable art. With my many years of metalsmithing and combining my knowledge of enameling, I’ve accomplished that dream.